• What is Making and Tinkering?

    Making and Tinkering is a powerful form of learning where students construct their own knowledge through hands-on thinking, making and doing. A Making and Tinkering mindset values playfulness and experimentation, iteration, collaboration and community engagement as ways of learning growing and connecting.


    Learning through Making is deeply rooted in Educational Practice and theory. Empowered by increased access to technology and tools, Makers are equipped to learn adapt and create with others in our rapidly changing world.  

  • What we do

    Build and Sustain a Maker Culture in Schools

    A Maker Culture in Schools

    We strategically plan and support schools to create and build a successful maker culture, source and manage maker materials, and develop activities that encourage learning through making.

    Create and support integrating making and tinkering in the classroom.

    Curriculum Integration

    We provide professional development for educators to implement learning through making, tinkering, and programming in their classrooms and support schools in enabling students to solve real world problems through Making and Tinkering.

    Assess the impact making has on learners.

    Assess Impact

    We guide and support schools in assessing the impact learning through making has on their student learning, growth, and culture.

    Assess the impact making has on learners.

    Makerspace Development

    We provide personalized support to schools and educators interested in creating makerspaces as well as training to assist in empowering students' makerspace usage.

    Assess the impact making has on learners.

    Opportunities to Innovate

    We develop and run events that engage students in the power of learning through making. These events are run in partnerships with schools as well as independently.

  • The Maker Academy

    Now offering the Maker Educator Certification

    The Maker Academy Professional Development

    Professional Development for Educators

    The Maker Academy offers courses for classroom teachers, science teachers, learning specialists and school leaders who want to learn how to establish Making and Tinkering as a powerful philosophy, pedagogy and practice in their classrooms and schools.


    The courses are created by classroom teachers that have experience using making, tinkering, and computer programming as well as integrating them into classrooms all over the world.

  • Some of our events

    Technology Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Summit

    Technology, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Summit

    Technology Summits in Schools

    This Summit engages our student particpants in an interdisciplinary design thinking process in order to design solutions using robotics and automation, the internet of things, and wearable technology. Students enrolled in schools across India are eligible to apply for participating in the TRAI Summit.


    At TRAI Summit, students experience an intense, interdisciplinary environment where they solve complex problems through rigorous brainstorming, collaborating, iterating, designing, and experimental methodologies. Students employ and develop critically important 21st century skills, particularly communication and collaborative problem-solving, in order to learn cutting edge technical skills and succeed in an entirely project-based environment.


    High School students work along with experts in their fields and Design Thinking coaches. The coaches bring a diverse set of backgrounds and skills ranging from engineering design and architecture, to programming, software development and robotics.


    We host these summits in colleges and secondary schools across India. Please contact us if you're interested in running a TRAI Summit at your institution.

    Makeology: Maker Summit

    Makeology: Maker Summit


    Hands-on learning for educators

    Makeology is a hands-on Maker Summit for curriculum leaders, classroom educators, principals, and heads of schools who want to learn more about how to leverage the Making pedagogy and practices to deepen, enliven, and transform teaching and learning for their students.


    Participants will hear keynotes from innovative educators that currently harness the Making & Tinkering in their everyday contexts.


    The summit features hands-on institutes that introduce, deepen, and empower educators to return to school ready to apply new concepts, tools, skills, and pedagogies in their classrooms. In addition, Makeology features workshops for educators by educators, where they can share how they or their school is transforming teaching and learning using Making & Tinkering.


    Our next Makeology Maker Summit will occur in Zurich on January 27th-28th, 2018.


    Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit

    Social Change in Schools

    Using the design thinking process, student work in groups to create proposals for a social enterprise aimed at solving a need in their local community. Participants will envision a new learning landscape that includes connections with extended community members with the aim of helping others in the world. They will produce a Design Prototype and Action Plan as well as an accompanying Media Marketing Plan for review.


    In the process of doing this, students:

    • learn from successful social entrepreneurs and change-makers
    • create sustainable solutions to global issues
    • work in mixed school teams and collaborate on final enterprises
    • co-create action plans and material for social entrepreneurship projects to take back to their campuses and transplant into their own communities
    • learn how to harness powerful communication and collaboration tools to join schools and classrooms together for action
    • use multimedia and social/educational networking tools to connect, communicate and create products related to the summit theme
    • take on leadership roles and work in teams following the design thinking process
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